About Me

Bachelor of Computer Science, Excited in Computer Vision study field and its various AI branch such as Machine Learning, DIP etc. Now, i’m only expert in theory of Augmented Reality, a branch of implementation of CV and now he work in augmented reality company as programmer, from now i study machine learning mainly for computer vision purpose and data engineering or data mining. I”m still learn and learn to be computer scientist.


Full Name – Gia Muhammad Agusta
Place and Date of Birth – Bekasi, August 11th 1989
Mobile Phone/WA – +62 819 0865 2920
Line – @giamuhammad
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/giamuhammad
Academia – http://uinjkt.academia.edu/GiaMuhammad
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/giamuhammad/
  • gia.muhammad@acm.org (ID 5262468)
  • gia.muhammad.id@ieee.org (ID 92395298)

Entry level researcher, like science, engineering, astronomy, computer science, history, islam and foreign language.

In this blog, i will write around what i like. Actually the purpose of this blog is to documentary my experiements and experiences so i will leave a vestige. The category of blog topics is about computer science, artifical intelligent, computer vision, machine learning and scientific research.

I will appreciate anyone who can give a critics and opinion for my article and please everything material take from my article make it referencing to my blog with complete link. Everything have posted in this blog has been copyright since the article posted.