Installing OpenCV 3.2 with Python including CUDA SDK in Ubuntu 16.04

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Bismillah, Assalamu’alaikum, peace be with you Readers Do you know OpenCV Library? OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is released under a BSD license and hence it’s free for both academic and commercial use. It has C++, C, Python and Java interfaces and supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android. OpenCV was designed for […]

Homogenous Coordinates

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Homogeneous coordinates introduce by August Ferdinand Mobius in 1827. Homogeneous coordinates also called as projective coordinates, partially call 4D coordinate. This 4D coordinate is extra dimension that usually defined with W variable, when work with some 3D object we think on 3D space euclidian geometry (X,Y,Z), and when adding W variable to be (X,Y,Z,W) the […]

Installing Intel RealSense SDK C++ and OpenCV in Visual Studio 2015

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In this section i will give a tutorial for installing Intel RealSense SDK and OpenCV in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. With the Intel® RealSense™ SDK, you have access to robust, natural human – computer interaction (HCI) algorithms such as face tracking, finger tracking, gesture recognition, speech recognition and synthesis, fully textured 3D scanning and enhanced […]

(Summary) A Fusion Face Recognition Approach based on 7-Layer Deep Learning Neural Network

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Title : A Fusion Face Recognition Approach based on 7-Layer Deep Learning Neural Network Author : Jianzheng Liu, Chunlin Fang, and ChaoWu Research Object : Face Recognition Why Face Why Face Recognition Available methods and Advantages and Disadvantages Lu et al Method (Discriminative Multi-Manifold Analysis/DMMA) (+) Training is just only one sample face image. Most of Face […]

Analisis Citra Digital

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Citra digital merupakan citra dua dimensi yang diolah atau diproses menggunakan komputer, dalam artian teknis citra digital merupakan sebuah array dua dimensi yang berisi nilai-nilai real maupun kompleks yang direpresentasikan dengan deretan bit tertentu. (Putra, 2010) Analisis citra digital adalah penyelidikan terhadap suatu citra digital melalui proses-proses tertentu untuk mengetahui ciri-ciri tertentu dari suatu citra […]

Raspberry Pi

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Apa itu raspberry?ini jenis buah mana lagi?selama hidup saya, saya cuma mampu makan strawberry hehe, bukan itu. Ini adalah sebuah perangkat keras/hardware, jadi ini sebuah smartphone?Oh bukan, ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan smartphone Blackberry. Bagi yang belum mengetahuinya, singkatnya Raspberry adalah device dengan ukuran compact dengan fungsi yang sama seperti PC, ukurannya hanya sekitar 10×8 […]