Deep Learning (.notes)

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Notes or a summary of Deep Learning that i know.

  • Have 7 layer (6 constructed layer, 1 layer for softmax regression)
  • First 6 layers are built by DBN (Deep Belief Network)
  • Deep Belief Network is using RBM (Restricted Boltzmann Machine) algorithm
  • RBM constructing system that called auto encoder
  • Auto encoder have responsbility to reduce number of node from layer to layer (6 first layer)
  • First 6 layers not built manually but built through pre-training process with unsupervised learning. RBM algorithm is unsupervised learning category in Machine Learning.



  • Jianzheng Liu, Chunlin Fang, and ChaoWu, “A Fusion Face Recognition Approach Based on 7-Layer Deep Learning Neural Network” in Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Vol 2016, March 2016.