Install Raspbia on Raspberry Pi

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In this section i will explain a tutorial to install Raspbian operating system in raspberry devices. What is Raspberry?, Actually i have explained it at this link.

This is the power of development board, with small size device that is equipped by operating system even the operating system is still linux however i have more like linux than windows because performance, security etc are more reliable.

What is Raspbian?, Raspbian is linux operating system that modified by Raspberry Pi especially for its device

Below is step by step how to install OS Raspbian.

    1. Download several tools and OS
      1. SDFormatter. i have ever explain that raspberry use micro sd as storage, before micro sd fill with the operating system the micro sd should be empty. SDFormatter is the tools that will format your micro sd. You can download it at this link
      2. Win32Diskimager. This tools will install OS image file to your micro sd that have been formatted before. you can download it from this link,  However if you are mac os user you can’t use Win32Diskimager but you can use ApplePi-Baker.
      3. Raspbian OS. this is the image file of operating system that is provided by raspberry. You can download the image file at this link, there are two option NOOBS and Raspbian, NOOBS is first OS that is created by Rapsberry, Raspbian is the developer, in this tutorial i’m using Raspbian.
    2. Use the SDFormatter, and format your micro SD
    3. Open Win32Diskimager, choose image file, if the extension not available, choose all files, and then click ‘Write’

Wait until done, exit and safely remove micro sd, and then put your micro sd to raspberry pi device. Now you can turn on you raspberry device.

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